Melattingal Mahadevan

The statue of Lord Siva is in the form of a lingam in this temple. The Sakti of Goddess Parvathi is hidden in the Siva Lingam. The great sanctity of the Siva Lingam in Vaikom Temple is that the Lord is associated with his aspects i.e. Dakshinamurthy, Kirathamurthy, and Mahadevan with Devi Parvathi, the Siva Lingam of whom are installed in this temple as Lord Melattingal Mahadevan. The recordings show that the deity should be worshiped as Melattingal Mahadevan and that all those who worship at this temple will attain supreme bliss.Those who worship here attest to the intense power of the deity to cure mental disorders, ward off dangers, and bless devotees with a smooth run of life in the family.

For Students seeking success in examinations and in obtaining jobs, and devotees seeking knowledge, wisdom and intellect worship the Lord Siva in the form of Dakshinamurthy. The offerings are lighting a ghee lamp inside the Srikovil in the ushapooja (morning pooja) time and other offerings are Vidya Suktam Pushpanjali, Thrimaduram, Mahanaivedyam, Palpayasam and Niramala.

For protection from evil spirits, thieves, cheats and wicked people conduct worship the Lord Siva in the form of Kirathamoorthy who holds the Jnana amsa of and Kshatraamsa (protection power) of Kirathamoorthy, right knowledge will dawn on the devotees and they will be protected. The offerings to Kirathamoorthy's are Lighting ghee lamp in Srikovil during uchapooja time and lighting all the Deepasthambams, Siva sahasranama, etc.

For delayed marriages worship the Lord Siva in the evening lighting ghee lamp inside the Srikovil in order to invoke the blessings of Lord Siva in whom Sakti of Goddess Parvathi is latent. The other offerings are unmarried women observe somavara Vratham, visit the temple on Monday mornings and worship the Lord at the time of the opening of the door after the morning puja with offerings such as: Umamaheswara Puja, Lighting the Pin Vilakku (at the back of the Siva Linga), Abhishekham to the Lord with milk, palpayasam, and Niramala.

For childlessness - infertility related issues worship Lord Siva with offerings such as 101 Kodum Dhara, 1001 Kodum Dhara (if the problem is severe), and Sarvaiswarya puja.

For old age problems and incurable diseases worship the Lord as Mrityunjaya, the conqueror of death. Aged people and people with incurable diseases worship the Lord with offerings such as Mrityunjaya homam, Tila homam, Karuka homam, Sree Rudram, Dhara, Mrityunjaya Pushpanjali, Ayush Suktam Pushpanjali, Lighting ghee lamp in the Srikovil to ward off all dangers and evils assailing them. By the Lord's blessings, such devotees are sure to lead a peaceful and happy life.

Those who want success in complicated litigation, success in interviews and scientific experiments can obtain the Lord's blessings by worshipping him with extreme devotion and a pure heart. At the temple they offer Maha Ganapati Homam, Decorating the face of the Lord Mahadevan with sandal paste, One day's puja to the main deities as well as to all the upa devatas in the temple with all prescribed offerings and pujas.

At the time of Deeparadhana the smiling face of the Melattingal Mahadevan is be decked with sandal paste and crowned and the Lord reveals his blissful nature and devotees feel his grace. This may be the reason the temple has been attracting people from around the world.

Temple opening hours:06.30-09.30 a.m. (I.S.T)5.30-7.30 p.m. (I.S.T)