History of Melattingal Siva Temple

The story tells Melattingal Mahadeva Temple has some divine connections with Vaikom Mahadeva temple. From the ancient history, Melattingal Mahadeva Temple is believed to have come into existence by one of the pious Brahmin from AmunthuruthiMadom family. He was grandeur as Jenmy; the owner of the land, which being directly under the immediate administration of the Attingal Swarupam, the Attingal Ranis where entrusted by the Travancore Raja. The story goes that a deeply devout and saintly Brahmin prostrated himself at the feet of supreme deity of grace and bounty, Vaikathappan Lord of Vaikom Mahadeva temple. The Brahmin, ardent devotee of Vaikathappan used to visit Vaikom Mahadeva Temple and stayed there for a few days praying to the deity there. The serenity of the place embraced him and he decided to practice bhajans there.

As per the legend, in his old age, when he was unable to visit the temple and failed to bring the divine presence to the place of worship, the Vaikathappan he prayed for a remedy. At that night the old man had a dream. In it, Vaikathappan told He himself incarnate as Sivalinga to the native place of his devotee. During those days the people near the Vamanapuram River found a casket which was moving in the opposite direction of the water flow. They tried to bring it to the shoreline but they failed and then informed Thiruswarupam. Thiruswarupam ordered to bring the attention of Jenmy to the matter. The old Brahmin himself came over to the astound people and just sprinkled the water over the casket after chanting the manthra. Surprisingly the attempt that he made to bring the casket to the riverside was successfully ended and when it opened there saw a Sivalinga, idol, and a lot of bell metal traditional lamps and crafts.

The Brahmin realizing what could have happened bothered Thiruswarupam. Hence in the later years, a temple was built in which God Vaikathappan is believed to be residing in the deity shaped like a Sivalinga that got from the casket. His intense prayer and the total supplication resulted in the infusion of the spirit of Vaikathappan into the idol of Melattingal Mahadevan. So AmunthuruthiMadom family sons after a dip in the Vamanapuram river can come and perform the rest of the poojas even if any aasoola and the Nivedyam and all articles are received under small quantity. The water from the same river itself is still used for the Abhishekam.