We enter Balikalulpura (the place of the sacrificial stone) from where we can see the Naga Daivangal is seated at its north-east corner. Walking further we enter the Namaskara Mandapa. For the main offerings of Melattingal Mahadevan such as Dravya Kalasa, Nava Kalasa poojas are performed and Veda Manthras are recited from here. A Nandi made in a single stone is in the west of this Mandapa. Passing through the stone laid inner way we reach the Sreekovil or The Holy of Holies of Shree Melattingal Mahadevan; Vaikkathappan, the Annadana Prabhu who fulfils every desire of His devotees. The Sreekovil or Main inner yardThe Sreekovil is round in shape with two chambers. The Mukha Mandapa - the first chamber is built in circular shaped stone. The Garbha Griha(Sanctum Santorium); the second chamber is built completely in stone including the roof in a square shape. There is a Peedhom or platform of about one foot high in the middle of it. On this Peedhom the most Holy, the most famous and the most Noble Siva Linga of SHREE VAIKKATHAPPAN as MELATTINGAL MAHADEVAN is consecrated. The Linga is adorned with Chandrakala (crescent), three eyes, nose and Dhyanam as four hands in either side with Saiva abharanams(ornaments); Shoolam, Vajram Sward, Parasu, and Abhaya mudras in left side and Nagam, pasham, damaru, and Pralayam in the right-side hand). Inside the Holy of Holies Oil and ghee lamps are only lighted together with camphor. This gives a Heavenly appearance to it. The hundreds of thousands of devotees attain fulfillment at the sight of this Holiest Linga reciting all kinds of Sivasthuthis. The bhava or forms and peace of this place cannot be described but only to be experienced. It is a very curious and peculiar fact that we can see six steps while obtain the Darsana of the Supreme Saiva Chaitanya from this Sreekovil in the Nada. It may be reminding us the Shad (six) vikaras (emotions) such as Kama, Krodha, Lobha, Moha, Madha and Mathsarya or the thantrik chakras as perthe thanthrik Kalpana. They are the Mooladhara Chakram, Swadhishtana Chakram, Manipuraka Chakram, Anahatha Chakram, Visudhi Chakram and Jnana Chakram. Balaganapathi and Matha Parvathi Devi sannidhya, Mathrusila, Brahmarakshasu, Madman, Naga Daivangal, and the Ashtadikpalakas: In the Agni cone (south-east corner) outside the Sreekovil is the Balaganapathi (Baby Ganapathi) Prathishta on a Peedhom of stone, and Godess Parvathi sannidhya. The Mathrusila where the Belistones of the seven divine Mathas are kept is to the south of Sreekovil. In the eastern part of the Balganapathi shrine is the Thidapally where the Nivedya is prepared. A lighted Bhadradeepa is kept in the kitchen where Nivedyam items are cooked. Lord Ganapathi has been seen doing work at this kitchen. The Peedom of Brahmarakshasu is built south-west the Sreekovil. In the north-east of the Sreekovil we would witness another Peedom of Madman. The Ashtadikpalakas or Lords of the eight directions etc. are consecrated in the yard of the Sreekovil. Valiya Balikallu finds a special place in the east. To the North-East of temple yard the Sarppas (Snake Gods) are worshipped. Rituals and poojas are performed here only once a year. In the Malayalam month of Kumba (Feb-March) special poojas for the Sarppas are performed nowadays.

Thevara Moorthikal: Another specialty of this temple is the presence of AmunthuruthiMadom's traditional Thevaramoorthikal and they are Ganapathy, Mahadevan,Mahavishnu, BalaSubrahmanya Swami, and Devi.

By worshipping the main deities, Melattingal Mahadevan and the Upa Devatas in the temple and Paradevatha and Thevaramoorthikal of AmunthuruthiMadom, the devotees can lead apeaceful and contented household life free from worries and troubles.