A day in this Holy Melattingal Siva Temple of MELATTINGAL MAHADEVAN starts at Prabhatham 6 am by awakening the greatest Lord and opening the Holy door of Sreekovil. As soon as the door is opened we get Nirmalya Darsana. Afterwards there is Abhisheka and Dhara or Holy Bath. Then there is three poojas Usha Pooja or reception pooja in the sun rise time , Ucha Pooja that is noon pooja, and in the night Athazha Pooja or the Pooja of supper is performed daily. After the Athazha Pooja, the Melattingal Siva Temple closes; from then to the ritualistic awakening of the Lord (Palli Unarthal) next morning, the protection of the temple rests with the Nandi; the first servant of Lord Siva. There are also Deeparadhana in the sun set time. The Abhishekas named Panchagavyam, Navakam and any special Abhishekas that is Holy Baths are performed during the Ucha Pooja as per the devotees booking. After noon pooja the Temple is closed till 5:30 pm. But special Abhishekas and Poojas are performed on certain days like Sivarathri, Pradosha even in the evening. On such special Pooja days and days of Sivarathri Melattingal Mahadevan; the Lord Vaikkathappan is decorated with Thirumukham in the night. Then the Temple remains closed till next day 6 am.

The shrine of Lord Ganapathi is seen in the temple. Offering of Nara (sweetened grated coconut) is one of the most important offerings for this Bala Ganapathi (Baby Ganapathi).

For Brahmarakshasu offering of Palpayasam on Thursday is one of the most important offerings.

The Nava Kalasa is performing Abhisheka with 9 pots of water and other holy items. If it is continuously done for 10 days is good for the devotee and family who booked the same. It is done in the Mandapa. After marking Padma, a big pot is placed in the middle for Brahma Kalasa and eight small pots are placed around it within the Sankalpa of seven seas and Karana Jala around them on eight parts, each part is pilled with Panchagavya, butter milk, milk, ghee, honey, Navarathna Jala (water with Navarathna), water with Kusa the grass and water with Astaganda. All of these are not used every day. When Nava Kalasa is performed there will be feasts every day for 10 days. On the 10th day Rudra Pooja is performed. The Udayasthamana Pooja is performed with these all poojas in one day.

Offering of a single coin (Otta Panam Vaikkal) is a special feature of the Sandhya Deeparadhana of the Desham. In the evening lamps are lit in Belikalpura and member of the AmunthuruthiMadom come forward first and then each devotees offer a coin on a cloth spread on the floor. The custom is that the coins are tied together without counting and opened in front of MELATTINGAL MAHADEVAN on the next day in Nirmalyam and counted and handed over to the Karanavar of the AmunthuruthiMadom family for the Annadaanam in Vaikkathastami festival.